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A Note from the Editor

Welcome to The Broad!
We are so glad to have you here and be able to share with you the wonderful work that our talented writers give us the privilege of publishing at The Broad. Here, we want to reconstruct and celebrate what it means to be a student journalist. Writing should be free, liberating, uncensored and useful. It should span language, culture, opinion, politics and every dichotomy that enables division between people. At The Broad, we want to celebrate every opinion, every wild interpretation, every tentative take, every word put to page and every voice brave enough to let themselves be heard. Our publishing process is one of collaboration between writer and editor, a careful and constructive journey that we walk through to guarantee well-edited, beautifully written work that reaches its full potential and fulfils the aims of the writer entirely. And as we grow as a publication, we are consistently learning how to do better. That is, how to better the experience of our writers and readers alike, how to ensure our content remains free, accessible and invaluable, and how to hold a safe space to speak here at The Broad.

Thank you for being a part of our journey! 

Holly Mackin, Editor-in-Chief

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