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The Broad's podcast was re-launched in January 2023 with the theme 'Creatives in Scotland'. Each year the podcast will follow a different theme.
For more information or to get involved contact us at

'Creatives in Scotland'

Podcast Manager: Maisie Ringer

Episode 1

Our Podcast Manager Maisie Ringer speaks to photographers Meg Henderson and Hannah Dove about what drives them to take photos, their photography style and what originally sparked their passion for photography.

episode 2.png

Episode 2

The Broad’s Secretary Emily Procter speaks to Conor Ó’Cuinn

(playwright and actor) and Tazy Harrison-Moore (director) about their show ‘Looking for Fun’ which debuted at The Edinburgh Fringe last Summer before moving to The Kings Theatre in London. 


The Broad’s Creative Editor Jas Owen-Moulding speaks to Flo Carr-Jones about how to enter the acting scene in Edinburgh, how to deal with rejection and putting on your own productions.

Episode 3

The Broad’s Editorial Assistant Willow Courtauld speaks to artists Hugh Collins and Olive James about their respective artistic styles and influences.

poetry illo.jpeg

Episode 4

The Broad’s Creative Director Flora Leask speaks to Devki Panchmatia about the collaborative poetry publication Outcrop, her process of writing poetry and why she writes.

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Episode 5
Documentary and Film

The Broad’s Podcast Manager Maisie Ringer speaks to Meg Wriggles about the myriad different projects she has been involved with, including her documentary for Surgeon’s Hall, the skate collective Skate Boob’s, and the distinction between shooting for documentary and film.

Delilah Walter speaks about her newfound love of filming, including her documentary The Yoxman for the Paul Mellon center, and shooting the collaborative project Deadly Potential.

episode 6.jpeg

Episode 6
Music (pt 1)

The Broad’s Editor-in-Chief Lauren Galligan speaks to Femmergy, who put on intersectional  club nights focused on celebrating Fem and Queer art and music. They speak about the logistics of putting these events on, their roles in the planning process and the importance of creating a safe space and community within Edinburgh. 


The Broad’s Creative Editor Jas Owen-Moulding speaks to Alex Brown and Noah and Moore about Electronic Music society, discussing the events they put on, the music community within Edinburgh and juggling work and music.

Episode 7
Music (pt 2)

The Broad’s Podcast Manager Maisie Ringer speaks to punk band Isabella Strange about how the band began, jamming during Covid and the development of their sound. 


The Broad’s Editorial Assistant Sammi Minion speaks to DJ and Producer George Walker about how he started creating music and the privacy of the music-making process.

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