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Welcome to The Broad,

unique in our lack of affiliation, political leaning or dependency on a student union. Almost four years ago, Oliver, one of our co-founders discovered this when trying to get involved in Edinburgh’s student journalism scene after a piece he wrote on a sensitive topic, that was well-sourced and argued, was published with the removal of key points and purposeful editing – all without the consent of the author. In response to this, Oliver and his friend and co-founder, Joseph, decided to establish The Broad: a platform free from the controlling pressures of student unions, societies and university faculties. Since then, The Broad has fostered an inclusive platform, publishing articles from all across the political spectrum and beyond into arts and culture. It has become more than just a space for students to speak and be heard, but a place for passionate debate and a stepping-stone for students into media and journalism. 
We have learnt a lot in the time The Broad has been running, including the importance of not publishing everything that is handed to us. Journalism, especially in this day and age, must maintain its integrity by being honest, well-argued and reliably sourced; something that we at The Broad ensure all our content is. 
At The Broad, everyone is welcome

The opinions on The Broad are those of the author and are no reflection of the views of the website itself or its owners.


The Broad’s operations are governed by our Code of Ethics. These can be viewed in full here.


In December 2021, we lost access to our old website and the majority of the content on it. You can find our statement here. 

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