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EPISODE 5 - Documentary and Film


The Broad’s Podcast Manager Maisie Ringer speaks to Meg Wriggles about the myriad different projects she has been involved with, including her documentary for Surgeon’s Hall, the skate collective Skate Boob’s, and the distinction between shooting for documentary and film.


Delilah Walter speaks about her newfound love of filming, including her documentary The Yoxman for the Paul Mellon center, and shooting the collaborative project Deadly Potential.

(Apologies for the incongruity in sound - we recorded this chat with Meg from her bedroom floor - for best results, wear headphones!)

Delilah Walter

The Yoxman 



Deadly Potential

Meg Wriggles






Kenny Hunter (Instagram) 


Kenny Hunter (Website)




Skate Boobs: 


Seeking Comfort in an Uncomfortable Place: 


The Whip, The Bird, The Rat (out of our hands anthology)  

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