• Carlotta Riechmann


Updated: Sep 11

Ah, a day to myself.

This morning, I spread

To the sides of my bed

With fingers and toes

Like a starfish.

I made pancakes, just three:

Mental maths says an odd number cannot be split

With any one other than me.

Hours stretch out before me.

I’ll do things I like

And some that bore me.

If I’m lucky, I’ll tell them apart.

If I’m lucky, I’ll lose track of time.

I’ll be late for myself – I can miss my own date

And still be in charge of forgiving.

Still hours are hours spent living.

The clock pulses on, and it will,

Though it does nothing for me.

It’s a mean time, ignoring the world –

So today, in the nicest way,

World, you can ignore me.

Tonight, I will have done

A hundred things, or none.

I’ll open the window, watch goers to bars,

And end the day breathing

And fishing for stars.

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