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  • Flora Leask

the egg

a horse rolls its eyes in me

nervous whites reflecting windows

held ajar by splintered blocks eyelash

trembling tempting my hunger

glissando wails from a mouth sour

with cigarette stress

there you are around the corner there you are the back

of another man's head there you are behind that door my eyes strain to see

I've taken your humanity and love

I've extracted pure ketamine from your attention

that leaves my heart exhausted I've bled

you dry and fed you to another

through my mouth a baby bird

says don't leave the nest you have more to give

while she about to forage starved

give me your love for me become my mirror

and I will fall into myself through you

but the image was distorted I’ve been ejected

rejected gasping covered in the white mucus

of the interior membrane you gave

me the experience of my own chemicals

that day when I was already too aware of my insides

I will forever remember the words spilling from your mouth in awe

you gave me an egg hollow as hope

that still hurt to crush

Writer's bio:

Flora Leask Arizpe (she/her) is a fourth year literature and philosophy student. More of her poetry and short stories can be found in publications such as Gutter and Interpret Magazine. She is inspired by writers such as Jorge Luis Borges, Juan Rulfo, Djuna Barnes, and Ursula Le Guinn

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